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Evolution meets Revolution: the new generation Parasailor with the patent-filed hybrid wing. The new generation Parasailor substantially owes its
greater performance, stability, safety, and sailing fun and enjoyment to this revolutionary wing.

Wing geometry

Compared with its predecessor, the external dimensions of the new hybrid wing are far more compact. The most striking element of the new wing is the combination of a long, continuous top sail and a shorter lower sail layer. This way, the top sail forms a single-sail section at the trailing edge. The outcome of this design is the combination of a dynamic-pressure wing and a single-skin wing. The characteristics of this hybrid have many advantages that we will look at here in more detail.

alter Flügel Hybridflügel






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alter Staudruckflügel neuer Hybridflügel

Angle of attack and camber

A larger angle of attack and greater wing curvature give the unique redesigned hybrid-wing construction a perceptible increase in lift and stability. Compared with its predecessor, the increased performance also makes the wing more responsive and it can be used significantly earlier at low wind speeds. This means that you can now already use the next-generation Parasailor at a wind speed of 2 to 3 knots, depending on the course.


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Projected wing surface

The new wing design allows the vertically projected wing surface to be reduced, making hoisting and furling of the new Parasailor much easier and increasing safety. The smaller surface area creates less resistance in the snuffing funnel, so that the sail can be recovered faster and with less effort.


alter Flügel neuer Hybridflügel






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neuer Hybridflügel neuer Hybridflügel

Integrated mesh material

Another novelty is the integrated mesh material at the inlet area of this pioneering hybrid wing. Its construction optimises the position of the wing's leading edge and has made it possible to create a larger inlet opening. This integration leads to an increase in internal wing pressure and a cleaner airflow towards the outer geometry of the wing.


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Active valve flaps

While in the old dynamic-pressure wing the pressure build-up of the incoming wind in the wing chamber was achieved by reducing the cross-section, the new design works with valve flaps that actively accumulate or discharge the incoming air. The advantage of this valve technology is an increase of pressure inside the wing, which allows a faster unfolding of the wing and a smaller volume of the inflatable wing chamber, while allowing an equally strong spreading of the leeches. In addition, the emptying of the wing chamber is faster using the valve, as the design makes a larger outflow cross-section possible. These characteristics are especially impressive when it comes to hoisting and furling the next-generation Parasailor. If the Easysnuffer snuffing funnel causes the new hybrid wing to collapse, the valve flaps open. The larger outlet and the smaller volume now ensure a much faster emptying of the wing. This makes snuffing much faster and more effortless - an additional advantage when it comes to safety.


alter Flügel neuer Hybridflügel






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