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Intelligently designed details that inspire – swipe the icons and get to know the features of the Easysnuffer PRO.

  • Pulley system

    All pulleys of the Easysnuffer PRO, which are housed in the head of the snuffing funnel, are by default equipped with ball-bearing Harken blocks. This significantly reduces the effort required to hoist and furl your downwind sail.


  • Maintenance opening

    The generously sized maintenance opening enables hassle-free, convenient and quick checking of the connection between sail and snuffing funnel. The optionally available soft shackle – which we recommend for long-distance sailing – can be installed here, as well.


  • Two-stage reefing system

    The Easynuffer PRO's two-stage reefing system ensures safe and comfortable hoisting and furling of all downwind sails, without any risk of messing up the snuffing funnel material. Starting halfway up the funnel, the first stage of the reefing pulls the top half of the Easysnuffer up first, followed by the lower part of the second reefing stage, which then feeds the funnel into the top.


  • Micro-mesh material

    The durable and breathable micro-mesh material glides over the sail with extreme ease and ensures that your downwind sail is well ventilated and dries quickly.


  • Reefing-line channel

    The Easysnuffer's reefing line is guided through separate line channels attached on the outside. This more elaborate design ensures that your sail runs smoothly through the snuffing funnel. This prevents damage or tangling of the line on the sail.


  • Clew connection

    Coloured clew connections prevent the sail from twisting in the snuffing funnel, even when the system is stowed in the smallest of spaces. Thanks to the colour mark, you always have a good overview.


  • Oval, impact-resistant ABS funnel

    Optimised for all common hatch sizes, the impact-resistant oval ABS funnel helps you hoist and furl your sail with ease. The oval shape of the funnel prevents the snuffing funnel from twisting at the masthead during sailing and makes stowing easy.



Which snuffing funnel is delivered with the new generation Parasailor?

All Parasailors and Parasails are by default equipped with the Easysnuffer PRO with the two-stage reefing system.

How do I find the correct Easysnuffer length for my downwind sail?

Simply measure the length of the edges of your sail. This will give you the length your Easysnuffer should have. Your dealer or we will be happy to assist you.

Which edge of my gennaker do I need to measure?

To find the right Easysnuffer length for your gennaker, you should measure the shorter edge. This way, the clew of the shorter edge does not disappear in the snuffing funnel and can easily be fastened for stowing. This prevents the sail from twisting in the Easysnuffer.

Why doesn't the Easysnuffer use an air funnel?

Safety first is the motto for every product we develop. When developing the Easysnuffer, we decided against using an air funnel for the following reason: If the funnel were to slacken when the sail is hoisted, it would be very difficult to pull the snuffing funnel back down over the hoisted sail and to furl it without causing any damage. In addition, tests have shown that handling the air pump on the foredeck becomes extremely challenging, especially in heavy seas.

My Easysnuffer is damaged. What can I do?

Even the very best products can suffer damage or wear and tear over time. If your Easysnuffer PRO has a defect, please contact your dealer or get in touch with us directly. We can deliver the corresponding assembly elements as a replacement. We have made sure that you can replace the new part without having to use a needle and thread. As you can replace all the lines, ropes, pulleys, the snuffing funnel "sock" and even the funnel, you will be able to enjoy your Easysnuffer for a very long time without having to buy a new one. This guarantees the longest possible life of your Easysnuffer.

What is micro-mesh material and what are its advantages?

Our micro-mesh material is a robust warp-knitted fabric produced in Germany that was specially developed for demanding outdoor use. Warp-knitted fabric is not actually woven, but rather crocheted, so to speak. The advantage here is that the resistance to further tearing in the event of damage is significantly higher than that of woven fabrics. A tear is therefore less likely to tear any further. Our warp-knitted material is also much more breathable due to the way it is knitted, which makes it possible to dry a wet sail inside the snuffing funnel. The slightly higher weight is a disadvantage we gladly accepted given the significantly greater sturdiness.

Is there anything else you want to know?

Do you still have questions about your new Easysnuffer PRO snuffing funnel? Then get in touch with your dealer or send us a message. We will reply as soon as possible.


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Swipe the pictures and get to know them.

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